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Adjunct Instructor III

Job Location: Austin, TX

Company Name: Moback

Date Posted: 2019-06-01

Valid Through: 2019-06-16

Employment Type: Full_Time

Salary: 55.43

Job ID: 45270


Position Overview

Plans, supervises, coordinates, and evaluates continuing education programs for nursing personnel. Teaches orientation and provides for continuing development of nursing staff.

• Training development and delivery : Designs and develops training systems to make sure that employees in a business unit achieve their full performance potential, while delivering training programs for senior executives.
• Patient & Family Management : Develops approaches to complex patient/family issues. Uses critical judgment and situational problem solving, with guidance from senior colleagues, to resolve patient concerns and support family relationships in critical and dynamic situations. Provides guidance and direction to others.
• Building Capability : Takes responsibility for implementing formal development frameworks for a substantial department, while informally coaching and mentoring others throughout the organization.
• Care Quality : Develops and/or delivers a plan that includes new methods, processes, and programs for quality change initiatives and/or continuous operational improvements to senior management. May oversee others.
• Patient Care Services – Diagnosis : Explores possibly contradictory and comprehensive medical information to theorize sources of pathologies. Consults with other clinicians from multiple specialties to make a diagnosis for treatment.
• Patient Care Services – Treatment : May develop parts of comprehensive treatment plans within multiple and broader specialties. Understands and delivers treatment plans. Monitors patient status. Oversees others in the delivery of treatment plans.
• Patient Care Services – Assessment : Performs advanced interpretation of objective medical information and other evidence to gain a comprehensive understanding of diverse symptoms and concerns. Provides input on new standards and protocols that apply to assessment.
• Patient Care Services – Testing : Performs all aspects of broad and complex testing (within specific technical discipline or multiple disciplines) including preparation, maintenance, and analysis, in coordination with other technologists and clinicians. Selects from professional and scientific principles to address differing and variable situations when conducting tests.
Technical Skills
• Customer Service Delivery : Works independently using comprehensive knowledge and skills while guiding and training others on meeting high customer service standards.
• Planning and Organizing : Uses expertise to act as organizational authority on planning, organizing, prioritizing and overseeing activities to efficiently meet business objectives.
• Action Planning : Applies expertise to act as the organizational authority on developing appropriate plans or performing necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.
• Policy and procedures : Uses expertise to act as the organizational authority on developing, monitoring, interpreting and understanding policies and procedures, while making sure they match organizational strategies and objectives.
• Presentation skills : Uses expertise to act as the organizational authority on communicating with other people by speaking in a clear, concise and compelling manner.
• Data Collection and analysis : Acts as the organizational authority and established expert on analyzing data trends for use in reports to help guide decision making.
• Compliance : Applies expertise to serve as the organizational authority on achieving full compliance with applicable rules and regulations in management and/or operations.
• Health and Safety : Acts as the organizational authority and established expert on managing and applying safe systems of work.
• General Experience : Experience enables job holder to deal with the majority of situations and to advise others (Over 3 years to 6 years)
• Managerial Experience : Experience of supervising and directing people and other resources to achieve specific end results within limited timeframes (13 months to 3 years)
• General Education : University (First degree

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