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Medical Office Billing Apprentice

Job Location: Chicago, IL

Company Name: Illinois Professional Group

Date Posted: 2019-06-01

Valid Through: 2019-06-29

Employment Type: Full_Time

Salary: 13.89

Job ID: 45355


As a Medical Office Billing Apprentice in Chicago, Illinois, you will be responsible for
reviewing medical procedures as documented by physicians. Medical Office Billing Assistants are
the professionals who translate medical procedures into codes that can be translated by payers,
other medical coders, and various medical facilities. Medical Office Billing Assistants handle patient
billing, coordinate insurance reimbursement of care providers, and transmit coded patient treatment
information to payers and other recipients.

Keywords: Billing Representative, Billing Specialist, Patient Accounts Billing Representative, BIlling Representative, Data Entry, Self-Pay Billing Representative

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