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Human Resources – Management Analyst

Job Location: West Covina, CA

Company Name: City of West Covina

Date Posted: 2019-06-01

Valid Through: 2019-06-29

Employment Type: Full_Time

Salary: 70114

Job ID: 45305


The City of West Covina is an ideal suburban community conveniently located 22 miles east of Los Angeles. The City has a population of 110,000, rests in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, and enjoys outstanding seasonal weather.

The Management Analyst works under general administrative direction and performs highly complex, professional-level administrative work for the Human Resources Department. The incumbent conducts specialized and difficult studies and research projects; coordinates programs and activities; may supervise activities of an assigned administrative area; and does related work as required.

Desirable Experience & Qualifications
This position requires experience in Human Resources and Risk Management. Highly qualified candidates will have demonstrable work experience and education in recruitment and selection, benefits administration, contract administration, MOU administration, labor relations, risk management (workers compensation and general liability claims administration), employee training and development, and position budgeting/costing. Experience must be relevant to Human Resources and Risk Management.

Ideal Candidate
The City of West Covina is in the process of reinventing its service model to meet the demands of a new age. The status quo will not suffice in our pursuit to make the organization an outstanding example of efficiency and effectiveness.

As such, the City is seeking someone for this position who is dedicated to the public service, innovative, technologically savvy, hard working, customer-service oriented, and willing to take on big challenges. The ideal candidate will have a well-rounded administrative background with substantial experience in Human Resources and Risk Management. The City also desires candidates with a master’s degree in Public or Business Administration with emphasis in Human Resources Management and/or Public Finance.

Do you want to help us reinvent our organization for the future? Do you have what it takes to fill this position and work for our City? If so, we welcome your application for this position within the Human Resources and Risk Management Department.

For more detailed information about this position and to apply, please go to the following link:


Required Knowledge
Thorough knowledge of modern principles, methods and problems of municipal public administration; knowledge of research methodology, including statistical and financial analysis; report preparation; knowledge of City governmental operations; working knowledge of supervision; and knowledge of evaluation techniques and organizational principles.

Required Education
Graduation from a four-year college or university with a major in public administration, political science, business administration, or a related field. Graduate work in subjects relevant to the work assigned is desirable.

Required Experience – Management Analyst I
At least two (2) years of full-time responsible experience in performing professional level administrative, human resources, risk management, budgetary, financial, operational, or similarly related studies. Experience in a public agency is desirable.

Monthly Salary for Management Analyst I: $4,217 – $5,691

Required Experience – Management Analyst II
Promotion to or an initial hiring at the Management Analyst II level is based upon satisfactory performance at the Management Analyst I level or additional professional experience that is significantly above the requirements of the Management Analyst I level. Experience in a public agency is highly desirable.

Monthly Salary for Management Analyst II: $5,251 – $7,089

Keywords: HR Manager, Human Resources Manager, Human Resource Manager, HR Manager III, Human Resource Generalist

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