About Us

About Us at AKAR Ventures

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs realize their ideas’ potential. We offer two services: investment and incubation toward this objective.


AKAR Ventures invests in entrepreneurs as an angel investor for companies that may be 2-3 months old. We also offer seed capital for those that have already launched a product and are further established. Learn More


AKAR Ventures provides an array of services to entrepreneurs to help propel Big Data, IoT technology, Software as a Service (SaaS) and marketing technology companies toward growth. Our global experience and worldwide resources can provide the guidance, facilities and resources you need to scale quickly with confidence. Our incubation facilities are located in Boston USA, Hyderabad India and Visakhapatnam India. Learn More

Origins of AKAR

Let us share with you more about us. In Turkish, AKAR can be translated to ‘run’, ‘flow’ and ‘stream’. In this spirit, we have adopted this name to represent our commitment to helping distinguished entrepreneurs manifest their ideas, grow and to prosper. AKAR Ventures symbol is an icon of a paper airplane soaring upward. We believe we can help fuel your ideas to entrepreneurial greatness with our distinctive investment and incubation services. Contact us