We invest in early stage start-ups. We are seeking entrepreneurs at all levels to help create distinguished Big Data, IoT, Software as a Service (Saas) and marketing technology companies. Sample investment and incubator portfolio:

Portfolio Companies

portfolio-cintell Cintell is a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that enables companies to better understand their buyers and make stronger, more customer-centric decisions. Dragonfly Data Factory Dragonfly Data Factory is developing IoT products that are designed to contextualize a inflow of data. logo_banner_e Gozaik (Acquired by Monster World Wide) gives employers the opportunity to find, engage and hire talent on Twitter and other social media outlets. Gozaik focuses on job ad amplification and distribution through social media using big data to enhance the social DNA of job seekers and allow for more targeted career advertising. Data.World Data.World is hatching something special. ch CallHealth is a new approach to holistic healthcare that enables you to access all healthcare services and products from the comfort of your home. Consulting a doctor, having diagnostic tests done, buying medicines, getting medical services like nursing, physiotherapy and more, is now just a call or click away. Even for visits to hospitals or imaging/diagnostic centers, we provide facilitation services to make the experience easier and smoother. By delivering the entire range of healthcare services – from Cure to Prevention to Wellness – CallHealth aims to become a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs. wc Wisecrack is a Los Angeles-based media collective run by comedians, academics, and filmmakers who share an endless curiosity for the world around them. Wisecrack explores great topics in ways that make them fun, engaging, and delightful. We combine clever, provocative, unconventional storytelling with academic precision to put critical thinking in the hands of the YouTube generation. Contact Us to learn more about how to become part of our investment and incubation portfolio.